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[Men's-like coordination special feature] SNK RGIRL style street style that attracts with sneakers and balance

Wearing sneakers makes you want to dress like «men’s». Some people may like sneakers because they make you feel like that.

When thinking about what kind of balance to wear and how to dress as a woman in an atmosphere that is said to be «masculine», I think of various ideas.

This time, I enjoyed such a men’s style in the «SNKR GIRL style».

Showko styling

The model this time is «Showko», a professional dancer, choreographer and producer who has been backing Kumi Koda for many years, and an entrepreneur who also manages dance studios and restaurants.

Together with my husband who is a sneaker collector, I asked Showko, a sneaker heads who loves sneakers, to coordinate with Air Max 97, a collaboration model of Undefeated x Nike.Forward

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What is men’s-like?

A style called «Men’s Like» that imagines the meaning of «masculine». It is different from the «boyish» style that feels boyish and the «mannish» style that uses pantsuits and shirts with collars.

It has a similar meaning to «Man-ish» and «masculine», but it is called «men’s-like» especially when the material, size, and color are masculine. T-shirts, hoodies, pants, sneakers, and other items that women often wear, but they look like they are wearing men’s items.

6 points for men’s-like coordination

There may be a general image that «men’s-like coordination = masculine appearance», but it does not look exactly the same as men, and I would like to add a slightly different approach.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the points of SNKRGIRL-like styling. Used clothes and modes are also popular, but this time I chose a street style.

There are 6 points to enjoy sneakers and coordination.

1. Sneakers are a must

The coolness of sneakers is a must

Sneakers are indispensable for men’s-like outfits.

Also, if you’re in a street style that’s heavily influenced by hip-hop culture, sneakers are a must! Choose your sneakers more than usual until you are satisfied, no matter how long it takes.

For sneakers that are indispensable for such men’s-like outfits, a collaboration model with a brand with a strong message such as «Undefeated».

Undefeated x AM97_SNKRGIRL_1
Undefeated x AM97_SNKRGIRL_logo

In addition, sneakers that we would like to recommend for men’s-like outfits are also being delivered, so please refer to them as well.

Undefeated x AM97_SNKRGIRL_sole

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Special feature [Men’s-like sneakers] Summary of popular sneakers that look good just by wearing them

2. A sense of balance that is not just oversized

Balance is important for men's-like coordination

The mainstream of men’s-like outfits is to match oversized items such as T-shirts, jeans, and cargo pants, but oversize is not the correct answer, and the point is to match a moderately loose silhouette.

For example, if you put on a large jacket or thick bottoms, put on a small or tight silhouette item such as a camisole, tank top, or shorts, and give it a «slow and fast» that doesn’t get too big overall.

[The secret of men's-like coordination] I'm excited because I'm a woman!  Style that makes sneakers and sex appeal look cool

Please also refer to overseas sneaker heads women who are good at making balance around here.

3. Accessories are shining!

Make accessories shine

Even though it is a men’s-like outfit, the SNK RGIRL style is what you want to wear on your skin with a focus on glittering things.

Wear your favorite accessories and nails to improve your mood!


In addition, special accessories such as those with engraved keywords and those inherited by the family are attached to add «power» to the outfit.


Accessories with engraved keywords are best custom-made.

Melody Ehsani , who is famous for her super popular collaboration with Jordan, and @ 89xiiitokyo, which is rapidly gaining popularity in Tokyo, are recommended accessory brands.

4. Insist on «woman» around face and nails

Make accessories shine

No matter how hard you wear it, or if it’s men’s-like or boyish, it’s a masculine outfit, but the balance around your face and fingertips is conscious of «woman».

Rather, the more men’s clothes and shoes are, the more «female» the hairstyle, makeup and nails will be.

It’s best to emphasize it.Sneaker_Girl_Style_Snap_Tomo_hair

model: Tomo

Try to create the perfect balance of «men’s-like + feminine» in your own style that no one can imitate.

5. Incorporate men’s sizes and men’s items


For men’s-like outfits, men’s items and men’s size items are incorporated to keep the «men’s» atmosphere that you want to keep in your styling.

For example, we recommend the New Era flat cap, which is also called the «flat brim» as shown in the photo.

It’s a little bigger than usual and you can wear it loosely, you can lie down the brim a little, you can wear it deeply, you can wear it shallowly. Please play with.


6. Get the skin right

Get the skin right

Some people may have the opposite image to the idea of ​​»exposing the skin» with a men’s-like outfit, but with the men’s-like outfit recommended by SNK RGIRL, I want to get the skin out somewhere.

However, the point is not to put out too much and not to hide too much, but to put out moderately and charm it well.


In the hot summer, show your stomach and shoulders with a cropped top or tube top to stay healthy.

When it gets a little cooler, the partial appearance is sexy, such as putting out only one shoulder with an off-shoulder top, or matching a top with a cut with a wide back.

Above all, the point is to show the parts that you are confident in.

Even if you don’t have the parts you are confident about, by aiming to show some part of your body, your body and mind will change positively and you will be confident.

Therefore, showing the skin properly for women actually has various benefits!

Enjoy your personality with a «woman» like men’s!

Even if you say «men’s-like sneaker coordination», each one has its own way of enjoying it, and you can wear it freely, and all of them are correct.

This time, we have introduced the SNK RGIRL style outfits by dividing them into points.

For now, wear good sneakers!

While using men’s items to create a men’s atmosphere, it adds a sense of balance that is «female-conscious», such as accessories, makeup, and how to put out the skin. And above all, it is important to coordinate so that you can feel confident in yourself and like yourself.

Enjoy men’s-like coordination with your favorite sneakers.