3 trend items that suit the Air Jordan 1

Among the popular sneakers of «Sneaker Girls», the Jordan brand’s masterpiece «Air Jordan 1» is by far the most popular.
For those who feel that the coordination may have become a rut recently with their favorite AJ1, and for those who want to wear it but do not know how to coordinate it, the home of sneaker culture «New York ( Miyabi, a dancer and stylist who lives in New York), suggested recommended items, so I would like to introduce them!



The third is GRAPHIC TEE = graphic T-shirt.

«Express your feelings with graphic T, tell a story, color coordinate! It
is also an ant to pick the color on the print of the T-shirt to make an accent, play with primary colors, secondary colors, opposite colors, etc. But it’s cute! «By Miyabi

Air Jordan 1 coordinates with these three!

Let’s play with these three items to dress Air Jordan 1 in various ways.

You can add one point to your usual outfit, or you can add all three points, and enjoy the combination that suits your mood for the day.